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When to Seek Back Surgery

Based on Dr. Solomon Kamson back pain is a rather common disease nowadays. Surgery is the last resort to dealing with this issue. But, Dr. Solomon Kamson claims that this is an alternative that can be selected when the states have become acute.

Solomon Kamson adds that the most frequent causes of back pain are injury, aging and improper body mechanics. Dr. Solomon Kamson clarifies that this occurs when there is pressure on the nerves in the center of the backbone and the normal wear and tear of the spine that is caused by age. These can cause back aches which are acute and other back problems. Each person that has a back ache will consider not or whether operation will help.

Back surgery is not required in most cases according to Dr. Solomon Kamson. There are few instances that rely on surgery as a treatment requirement. There are many cases that can be dealt without using surgery. This may be solved by using medications.

Dr. Solomon Kamson provides a number of those states that may require back operation. The first condition is when the rubbery cushions at the back are ruptured. The next condition is when there’s a nerve compression at the backbone and an individual has a sense of tingling in the thighs and the legs. The next condition is in cases of osteoporosis that requires surgery. The fourth condition is if the spinal column is unstable that can be caused by a severe fracture of the spine. The fifth condition is if a person has tried other medications and there is no effect on the pain. In such cases surgery may be the next alternative.

Bone deformations can also cause the need for back surgery but this happens on rare occasions. The degenerative disease that affects the spine comprises radiculopathy, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, kyphosis and spondylolisthesis. Degenerative disk can lead to pains that may bring about the need for surgery back.

Dr. Solomon Kamson explains how injuries to the spinal column can cause bone fractures that are acute to the vertebral column. The density of the bone is reduced in osteoporosis. This is one of the diseases that are being common when it comes to back pains. At some scenarios, vertebrae becomes feeble and may cause them being fractured or collapse. No problems are caused by the vertebrae and they cure after some times. If the spinal column is unstable, Dr. Solomon Kamson suggests that back surgery might be needed.

Dr. Solomon Kamson utilizes bone grafting or fusing two or more vertebrae together. Metal plates, cages rods and screws assist in doing so. When a person has a back pain he or she should not opt for back surgery immediately. Back surgery should be chosen when the conditions are intense.