The Doors Will Stay Locked

My wife grew up in an area where people don’t lock their doors, which I thought was crazy. Anyone could just walk right into their homes and take or do whatever they wanted. When I suggested that we look for ADT in Clearwater FL, she thought I was being paranoid. I told her that we would be better off having something that would actively protect our homes while we were in it and while we were busy at work. I was surprised that I had to convince her to go along with a security system, but glad that she did, and stopped leaving the doors unlocked.

After the security system was installed, we went on with our lives as if it was just a normal extension of our home. We armed the system when we left home and turned it off when we came back. When one of us would forget to turn it on, we could easily check the status of the system from our phones and turn it on. We could even check out the interior and exterior of the home with some cameras placed in important areas. Most of the time, I see the cat trying to climb on something that it shouldn’t be near.

Although we haven’t had anyone try to break into our homes yes, I think the security system is a good investment, because it will deter anyone who may try to come in the future, and that helps my wife and I sleep better. Although I guess my wife was already sleeping pretty well, since she used to leave the doors unlocked anyway. It’s a miracle that nothing happened during all those times when the front door was unlocked. Come to think of it, we always seemed to run out of bread pretty fast. I bet someone came in and made sandwiches.