What You Can Learn from the 23andMe Test

The past few decades have brought many new discoveries involving human DNA. These discoveries have provided a method for discovering heritage and ancestry as well as identifiers of potential diseases. These breakthroughs have been amazing in discovering much about the human race. This has lead many people to have DNA testing done to find out about themselves and their histories. Unfortunately, these tests have been quite expensive and that has limited their availability to the general populace. Fortunately, some companies have made this testing more affordable. These tests allow almost anyone to discover hidden secrets about their history and future. One such test is the 23andMe test. This test can provide various testing options to learn about a person’s DNA.

One test offered by 23andMe is the autosomal DNA test. This test analysis DNA to determine which regions a person has come from. It can give a profile of the various ethnicities a person has and the percentage of each that is found in the DNA. It can also give a timeline as to when these various regions entered the individual’s lineage. This can allow a person to explore their history and understand where their family came from. One could also get a report of common ancestors with others who share similar DNA. This test can also provide information on the presence of Neanderthal in one’s heritage.

Another option of testing from 23andMe is the health markers found in the DNA. This report can include wellness indicators in the DNA, such as lactose intolerance and the alcohol flush response. There is also a report on traits found in the DNA. This can show whether certain traits are available and their likelihood of having such traits. This can include hair color, freckles, and toe length ratio. This information can show certain aspects of a person can be seen in the DNA. This report can also show various markers found in the DNA that coincide with certain diseases. Various DNA mutations have been linked with various diseases and can also show the probability of developing these diseases. The report can show those who have these specific markers and allow them to take steps for testing and prevention of such issues. These tests have shown to be an amazing look into the secrets locked inside test subjects’ bodies.